A Solar Future Project – Çamlıca Business Center

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Solarçatı finished their special projects in Çamlıca Business Center during Corona days while keeping social distance. This is a special project because it is a Solar Campus, consists of a solar battery and solar charge unit besides a solar power plant.


Çamlıca Business Center is one of the most iconic business centers of Istanbul. It contains many companies, including many Koç Holding affiliates such as the investors of this project KoçSistem and Entek, along with Starbucks, an open car park, and so on. It is a business campus with many different functions and now also a mini solar campus.

Çamlıca Business Center Solar Campus

Solarbatarya ®: ( Solar Battery)

The project team analyzed the energy demand of the X-ray functions at the security point in case of power cuts. For this reason, a solarbatarya (solar battery) solution was added to the security point. This three-phase solar battery has a total of 8 modules and a storage capacity of 10.24 kWh.

Solarbatarya: ( Solar Battery)

Solarçatı ®: (Solar Roof)

Solar energy systems have been designed according to instant consumption for campus points with different functions and consumption. All energy needs of the determined consumption points of the campus will be met by solar energy with the Solarçatı systems.

Solarçatı: Solar Roof

Solarşarj ®: (Solar Charge)

One solarşarj (solar charge) unit was also used in the project. One of the most important features of this unit with a power of 22 kWh is the “vehicle to grid” feature. Thanks to this feature, electricity stored in the vehicle battery can be used in the internal needs of the building or returned to the grid if needed.

Solarşarj: (Solar Charge)


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